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Centreville Settlement, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the preservation of the architectural and cultural heritage of the German-American farming community in the Centerville/Cleveland Wisconsin area. 

In the 1840’s and 50’s, immigrants fled Germany to escape war and the economic hard times.  Many Germans of that time from the Kingdom of Saxony (called Sachsens) settled here in Centerville Township. Many of their fifth and sixth generation children still remain on the original farms using original buildings for much of their original purpose. Centerville Township is a unique time capsule of architecture, culture and traditions of the early settlers. The housebarn is on 6.34 acres which includes walking trails.

Our Mission

Organizational Goals

Centreville Settlement, Inc. will meet its mission by:

- Providing educational programs and classes in the Old World arts and crafts, restoration of historical heritage, as well as pioneer and self sufficiency skills.

- Promotion and organization of local German-American cultural and preservation groups.

- Providing a detailed cultural and architectural survey of the local German-American ethnic community.

- Demonstration to future generations, the wise use of farm land, and preserve the quality of life and environment that brought the original settlers.

- Restoration of the Lutze Housebarn and other historic German-American buildings in the area.

Organizational Structure

We operate with a Board of Directors, and Advisory Board.  Our memberships include individual, family, corporate and sponsoring categories.  Members are from surrounding counties as well as from across the United States.

Board of Directors: (for the following addresses please replace the (at) with an '@' symbol and you'll be all set)

President: Richard Lutze

Treasurer: Greg Zahn
(202) 234-6043 or (202)319-7975

Publicity, Secretary: 
Kathy Pearce - kpear2002@yahoo.com
(920) 946-1036

Volunteer Coordinator: Open, interested?

Community Historian: Richard Otto Wiegand

Lutze Housebarn Restoration Director: Chris Kuehnel
(920) 693-3141 or (920) 693-3612

Tour Coordinator: Sarah Lutze
920 627 1526